(Source : District Statistical Handbook 2005-2006)

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Geographical Position

   North Latitude                     Between   11.00'   to    12.00'

   East Longitude                    Between   77.28'   to    78.50'

Area and Population

i.   Area (Sq.Km.)


ii.  Population


a. Male             4,65,538
b. Female             4,70,148
c. Rural             6,24,430
d. Urban             3,11,256
iii. Density (Sq. Km.)           323
iv.  Literates  5,66,728
v.   Main Workers (2001 Census)
a. Total Workers   4,96,464
b. Male   2,94,150
c. Female   2,02,314
d. Rural   3,59,637
e. Urban   1,36,827
f. Cultivators   1,00,875
g. Agricultural Labourers   1,52,993
h. Household Industry     18,228
i. Other Workers   1,73,354
j. Marginal Workers     51,014
vi. Non-Workers   4,39,222
vii. Languages spoken in the District   Tamil, Telugu, English, Urudu

Vital Statistics

i.  Birth 15,896
ii. Death 6,037
iii. Infant Death 353
iv. Birth Rate (Per 1000 Population)          
a. Rural 16.0
b. Urban 14.3
c. Combined 15.83
v. Death Rate (Per 1000 Population)
a. Rural 6.2
b. Urban 4.0
c. Combined 6.01
vi. Infant Mortality Rate (Per 1000 Live Births)
a. Rural 23.6
b. Urban 8.6
c. Combined 22.21
vii. Expectation of life at Birth
a. Male 67
b. Female 70

Temperature (in Celsius)

a. Plains
i. Maximum 36.3
ii. Minimum 17.5
b. Hill Stations
i. Maximum     ---
ii. Minimum     ---

Rainfall (in mm)

a. Normal
  i. North East Monsoon 365.4
  ii. South West Monsoon 249.7
b. Actual                                                  
  i. North East Monsoon 714.2
  ii. South West Monsoon 164.3
  c. Number of Rainy days

Agriculture (in Hec)

A. Total Cultivated Area 1,14,557
B. Net Area Sown


C. Area Sown more than once   2838
D. Area and Production of Principal Crops



i.  Rice 18398 54771
ii. Millets and Other Cereals          26995 6413
iii.Pulses 7906 2959
iv.Sugarcane (Gur) 7189 647010
v.Groundnut 4704 9483
vi.Gingelly  6658 1891
vii.Cotton (BL)  300 87
E.Agricultural Land Holdings (1995-96)
a.  Holdings 142055
b. Area (Hec) 211566
c. Average Size of Holdings in Hect. 1.49
d. Important Food Crops Paddy, Jowar, Cumbu, Banana
e. Important Non - Food Crops Sugarcane, Groundnut


i. Primary Land Development Banks 3
ii.Cooperative Apex Banks(TNSC)


iii.District Central Cooperative Banks ---
iv.Urban Banks


v. Primary Agricultural Credit Societies 82
vi. Housing Cooperative Societies ---
vii. Employees Cooperative Societies 23
viii. Lift Irrigation Societies  3
ix. Weavers Cooperative Societies 32
x. Industrial Cooperative Societies ---
xi. Khadi & Village Industries Societies 3
xii. Primary Cooperative Stores 2
xiii. Cooperative Sugar Mills   ---
xiv. Co-operative Marketing Societies 2
xv. Milk Cooperative Societies 221
xvi. Other Co-operative Societies 55


i. No.of Registration Offices


ii. Aggregate Value of property


     Transferred (Rs.in Crores)
iii. Total Receipts (Rs.in Crores)



i. No. of tenements constructed by TNHB  
ii. Group Houses for Adi Dravida Nil
iii. No. of tenements constructed by TNSCB
iv. No. of Tenements constructed by PHB   
v.  Samathuvapuram    
vi. Deputy Registrar, Housing-Rural    
vii. Deputy Registrar, Housing-Urban    
viii. Total number of households    
              SC   47565
              ST   362
              Others   189789

Social Welfare

i. Old Age Pensioners 23355
ii. Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy Ammayar NIL
    Ninaivu Mahaperu Udhavi Thittam
iii. a. Moovlur Ramamirtham Ammayar NIL
         Ninaivu Thirumana Udhavi Thittam
     b. Marriage Assistance for daughter for 44
        Poor widows
    c. Dr. Dharmambal Ammayar (Widow's 6
       remarriage) Thittam
    d. Marriage Assistance to orphan girls 7
    e. Anjugam Ammaiyar Ninaivu Kalappu 36
       Thirumana Nidhi Udhavi Thittam
iv. Aid for Handicapped 2485
v. Aid for others 150
vi. Women Welfare Co-operative Societies ---
vii. Training Centres ---
viii. Mahalir Mandram Group 7672
  Member 102187
ix. Women Development Center 10
x. Beneficiaries ---
xi. Uzhavar Chandhai 3

Natural Resources

a. Name of the Minerals found in the District Sand, Lime Stone, Quartz and Felsper, Granites, Rough Stones, Magnasites


i.  Net  Area Irrigated by (Hec.)
a. Government Canals 16114
b . Private Canals ---
c. Tanks 601
d. Tube Wells 5187
e. Other Wells 32807
f. Other Sources ---
Total Net Area Irrigated 57393
 ii. Gross Area Irrigated


 iii. Name of the Rivers Cauvery, Amaravathi
 iv. Name of the Lakes NIL

Animal Husbandry

i.Veterinary Institutions
a.  Veterinary Hospitals 2
b.  Veterinary Dispensaries 22
c.   Clinician Centres 1
ii.Poultry Development as on   
a.       Chicks produced in hatcheries ---
b.       Birds sold for breeding (Lakh No.)              9016
c.       Birds sold for food (Lakh Nos.) 2.77
iii. Livestock Census - Livestock and Poultry Population 16th Live Stock Census
a. Cattle 117781
b. Buffaloes 65486
c. Sheep 218514
d. Goat 173591
e. Poultry 498470

Dairy Development

a. Dairies NIL
b. Milk Chilling Plants 1
c. No. of Milk Co-operative Societies 221
d. Milk Production (Thousand Litres)  
Flush Season 21.02
Leans Season 20.12


i. Length of Coastal Line (Km.) NIL
ii. No,of Coastal Blocks NIL
iii. No.of  Coastal Centers (landing) NIL
iv. Marine Fish Production (Tonne) NIL
v. Inland Fish Production (Tonne) 4741
vi. Number of fisherman engaged (Marine/Inland)


A. Forest Area (Hec.) 6,187
a. Reserved Forests NIL
c. Reserved Lands NIL
b. Unclasses Forests NIL
B. Out-turn of Forest Produce
1. Timber (Cu.m.) NIL
2. Fuelwood (MT) NIL
3. Pulpwood (MT) NIL
4. Sandalwood (MT) NIL
5. Rubber (MT) NIL
6. Bamboo (Tonne) NIL
7. Tea Green Leaves (Tonne) NIL
8. Wattle Bark (MT) NIL
9. Cashew (Tonne) NIL


A. Generation of Electricity
a. Hydro   ---
b. Wind Mill Generation   ---
c. Thermal   ---
d. Power Purchased   ---
e. Gas Turbine   ---
B. Consumption of Electricity (in m.u.) Kwh.
a. Agriculture   27.35
b. Industry   40.61
c. Commercial   54.01
d. Domestic   207.80
e. Public Lighting & Water Works   17.28
f. Sales to Licensees   NIL
g. Sales to Other States   NIL
h. Miscellaneous   NIL
C. Rural Electrification    
1. Number of Pumpsets Energised   39728
2. Number of Villages Electrified   203
3. Number of Hamlets Electrified   1837

Nutritious Meal Programme

Name of Programme No.of       Total


i.   P.T.M.G.R. 774 96195
ii.   I.C.D.S.   & TINP         614 20500

Revenue Administration Divisions

a. Revenue Divisions


b. Revenue Taluks


c. Revenue Firkas


d. Revenue Villages


Local Bodies

a. Corporations NIL
b. Municipalities 4
c. Panchayat Unions 8
d. Town Panchayats 11
e. Village Panchayats 158

Community Development

a. No.of Development Divisions 2
b. No.of Blocks Covered 8
c. Population Covered (Lakhs) 9.36
d. Area Covered (Sq.Km.) 2895.57


i. No.of Working Factories (Registered):                    541
ii. No.of Man-days Worked (Lakhs) 67
iii. No.of Trade Unions 4
iv. No.of Strikes ---
v. No.of Lockouts ---
vi. Large Scale Industries


vii. Medium Scale Industries  


viii. Small Scale Industries 545
ix. Cottage Industries 269
x. Name of the important industry in the District TNPL, Chettinad Cement, Puliyur Sugar Factory, Power Looms and Bus body building industries
xi. Name of the Industrial Park NIL

Khadi and Village Industries

Production Sales
(Rs.in Lakhs)      (Rs.in Lakhs)
i.       KHADI
1.      Cotton 7.70 7.70
2.      Woollen 15.03 15.03
3.      Silk --- ---
4.      Polyester 5.47 5.47
ii.       VILLAGE INDUSTIRES   105.56 105.56

Medical and Health

i.  Modern Medicine
a. No.of Hospitals


b. Dispensaries 98
c. Primary Health Centres 29
d. Health Sub Centres 168
e. Other Medical Institutions ---
f. Beds in Hospitals and Dispensaries 955
g. Doctors 347
h. Nurses 281
ii.Indian Medicine
a.Hospitals 2
b. Dispensaries 6
c. Primary Health Centres 7
d. Beds in Hospitals and Dispensaries 16
e.Doctors 18
f. Nurses ---
a. No.of Hospitals 1
b. Dispensaries ---
c. Beds in Hospitals and Dispensaries:                     ---
d. Doctors 23
e.  Nurses ---


i. Universities   NIL
ii. Arts and Science Colleges   5
iii. Medical Colleges   -


a. Medicine 

  1. Allopathy ---
  2. Indian Medicine ---
  3. Homoeopathy ---

b. Engineering Colleges 2

c. Agriculture Colleges ---

d. Veterinary Colleges ---

e. Law Colleges ---
iv. Colleges for Special Education 4
v. Pre-Primary Schools ---
vi. Primary Schools 619
vii. Middle Schools 121
viii. High Schools 46
ix.  Higher Secondary Schools 41

x. Teachers Training Colleges

xi.  Matric Hr. Sec. School 10
xii. ICSE   1
xiii.  School for Special Education 2
xiv. ITI   7
ix.  Polytechnic 1


A. Road Length (in Km.)
1. National Highways 118.8
2. State Highways 124.746
3. Corporation and Municipalities Roads                   253.54
4. Major district roads 172.556
5. Other district roads 633.837
4. Panchayat Union and Panchayat Road 3769.030
5. Town Panchayat and Townships Road               348.120
6. Others (Forest Roads) ---
B. Registered Motor Vehicles
1. Commercial 567
2. Non-Commercial 17173
C. Railway Length (in Km.)
a. Route Length (Km.)
  1.  Broad Gauge 93.85
  2. Meter Gauge NIL
b. Track Length (Km.)
  1. Broad Gauge 108.85
  2. Meter Gauge NIL
c. Number of Railway Stations 13
iv. Number of Sea Ports NIL
v. Number of Air Ports NIL
vi. Name of the Ports NIL
vii. Name of the export commodity Bed Sheets, Towels, Bed Spreads, Curtains, Pillow Covers, Screen Cloths, Kitchen wares and Mosquito net
viii Name of the Import Commodity Automobiles, Eggs, Vegetables, Edible oils


a. Post & Telegraph (in Numbers)
1.Post Offices doing posted business alone 235
2. Post Offices doing Post & Telegraph Business 12
b. Telephones
1. No.of Telephones in use 54077
2. No.of Public Call Offices 1164
3. No.of Telephones Exchanges 38

Police and Prisons

i. Police
  a.  Police Force   708
i.  Local 368
ii. Armed Reserve 236
iii.  Spl. Units 104
  b. Police Stations 15
  b. Police Outposts ---
  d.  All Women polic Station 2
ii. Prisons
1. Central Prisons NIL
2. Other Prisons 2


i. Members of the Legislative  Assembly:
a. Elected 4
b. Nominated NIL
ii. Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) 1
iii. Members of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) ---

Cinema Theatres

     a. Permanent 13
1. Air-conditioned 4
2. Non A/C 9
3. Air Cooled


      b. Open Air Theatres ---
      c. Semi Permanent 3
      d. Touring 4

Banks and Insurance

a. Bank Offices 96
Primary Co-operative Banks 5
b. Life Insurance
1. Offices 3
2. Policies Issued 45333
3. Sum Assured (Rs.in Crores) 42.9


1. Name of the Important Pilgrim Centres
Kadambar Koil

 - Kulithalai

Iyer Malai

 - Kulithalai

Kalyanavenkataramanasami Temple

 - Thanthonimalai

Mariamman Temple

 - Karur


 - Karur

Pasupatheswarar Temple

 - Karur

Venjamangudalur Temple

 - Venjamangudalur


2. Name of the Important Tourist Centres

Kalyanavenkataramanasami Temple

 - Thanthonimalai

Pasupatheswarar Temple

 - Karur